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Sivach white marble flooring
Thasos white marble flooring
Pietra Serena flooring
French Crema marble flooring
French Crema and Thasos White
Bourgon flooring
Bourgon flooring
Limestone flooring


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Eran - Caesaria, Israel


Grey stone - Pietra Serena, Caesarea House:
When we built our house, we worked closely with our architect, and when we rerached the marble stage, we knew we wanted a grey stone, just like the one we saw at a fancy design shop abroad. We looked in many stores, but we did not fine one just like we wanted. Then we met Sidney, and as soon as he understood what we were looking for, he identified the stone, and flew to Italy (where the stone comes from) and he searched high and low until he found exactly what we were looking for! He went to the quarry, selected the highest quality slabs, just as we wanted. We received a great deal of care, good will to help, and professionalism, along with mutual trust and a lot of personal attention, a pleasure! You will not find such personal service anywhere else in the country! From selection to the stone laying, Sidney was there to help and advise. Thanks !!

Nature. Beauty. Perfection.


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Dina - London, UK



Wow, just wow. I worked with Sidney for a big project for my client. In my twenty years of experience working as a high-end architect I have never been so happy with the service and product for stone flooring. My client is thrilled, and so am I. I highly recommend Sidney and his team for an project, large or small, if quality matters to you!

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