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Elsini brings nature home!


Our love for marble is rooted in our love of nature, and we want to bring the beauty of the mountain to life your home. With 15 years of expertise in every stage of the process, we are truly experts in our field, and our passion for our work is clearly evidenced in the perfection of our product.


At Elsini, we choose each marble slab with love. We personally visit the quarry and hand-pick the most beautiful marble blocks, just after they have been excavated from the mountain. Our goal is to create a portrait of nature in your home - this is the true advantage of marble, in addition to its natural durability, and the endless array of colors in which it can be found.


When the slabs arrive at our workshop, we cut them into whatever size and shape is needed, and then deliver the finished tiles to you. But our work does not end at delivery... We provide ongoing consultation and advice to ensure that the portrait that nature painted in the mountain is recreated in your home.





Some of our projects:  

"Wow, just wow. I worked with Sidney for a big project for my client. In my twenty years of experience working as a high-end architect I have never been so happy with the service....."


- Dina.S.

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